Summer Wishlist

I tend to wear black almost everyday. But now that it is officially summer, I am gravitating towards lighter colors and pastels. I put together my current wishlist of items for the summer time.
These fluffy platform sandals are adorable. They remind me of something Cher from Clueless would wear. I want to add this diamond shaped purse to my hologram collection. You can never have too much hologram, right?
I need a new pair of sunglasses and these glitter cutout ones are so unique. The one-piece is not your typical swimsuit. It has a cool egg shape cutout and trippy pattern.
Velvet is one of my favorite materials and these lace-up shorts allows you to wear velvet even in hot weather. The alien crop top would be so cute paired with denim high waist shorts or a skater skirt.

0 thoughts on “Summer Wishlist

  1. Just loved all!! You have selected really cool stuff for the summer! <3

  2. These are amazing pieces! It's just that I'd never ever be brave enough to wear them, but you're so right about the fluffy sandals!

  3. Very nice summer wishlist!! I have that hologram diamond bag, i can't never have enough hologram things either haha, they're awesome! <3

  4. What adorable piecees!! I must have that alien heart crop top.. it's perfect! You would look absolutely amazing sporting all of these items.. they exemplify your style perfectly. <33

  5. Thank you Lu! <33

  6. Thanks Anna! 🙂 The pieces are kinda out there haha.

  7. Thanks Krissia! Yea hologram is awesome. I saw that you have that bag, you rocked it so well <3

  8. Aw thank you so much Su! <3 That means a lot.

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