SammyDress: Part 2

SammyDress Bomber Jacket / Forever 21 white tshirt / Gojane black slit knee skinny jeans / H&M ankle booties

Bomber jackets are a big trend this upcoming fall. I’m in love with this jacket from SammyDress. It has cute patches all over and zipper details that make it look edgy. The material is pretty thick, so it keeps you warm. At a price of $23, you can’t beat that. I got a size small and it fits perfectly.

0 thoughts on “SammyDress: Part 2

  1. love this Emma, that bomber is rad!

  2. Rad outfit!! That bomber jacket is just amazing!! I want one like this! And you look soo effortless cool! :))

  3. Thanks Cara! <3

  4. Thanks Lu! <3 You should get a bomber jacket, I would love to see how you style it!

  5. Cute style!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  6. Thank you! Hope you have a good weekend too.

  7. The post is so great! Have a nice day:)

  8. Thank you 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh! That jacket! I have a similar one that I bought at Marshall's of all places last week! You look so cool and gorgeous as always. <3

  10. Really? Marshall's has some cool stuff sometimes! Thanks Susanna <3

  11. That bomber jacket is awesome Emma! And i love how you paired it with the black jeans and those boots, it looks freaking amazing! <3

  12. Thank you so much Krissia! <3


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