New Year

MakeMeChic pink fur coat / Forever 21 pink lace-up bodysuit / Forever 21 black leather skater skirt / UNIF mermaid pink hellbounds

Happy New Years everyone! I’m looking forward to a fresh start this year.

I got my nails done for the new year and I’m obsessed. I can’t stop staring at my holographic nails under lights. New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to go all out and dress fancy. I’m in love with this pink fur coat. It’s so soft and keeps me warm. I paired my light pink lace-up bodysuit with a black leather skirt for an edgy, yet feminine vibe. I wore my mermaid pink hellbound platforms, which were super comfy and made me feel like barbie.

0 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Love the look Emma, very chic. Your hair look so shiny and beautiful!

    Deepti xx |

  2. Fantastically you look at the styling.

  3. Ohhh my! This outfit is such a killer! That fur coat is so punky and femenine at the same time, i LOVE the combo you made and those boots No words! they're amazing 💗, also the holographic nails ! just awesome !

  4. You look flawless, Emma!! Loved every single piece in this outfit!! And that fur coat omg!
    Happy New Year <333

  5. Thank you so much Deepti!

  6. Thank you 🙂

  7. Thank you so much Krissia! Glad you liked it <3

  8. Thank you so much Lu! <33

  9. Obsessed with your nails… oh my goodness!!! <3 And your outfit is absolutely killer.. I adore that coat.. it's as if the shoes and the coat were made for each other. Loooove this post. Keep slaying Emma!! <333

  10. So stunning! You look amazing. Your nails are perfection <3
    The Fancy Cats | INSTA

  11. Amazing!!! 🙂

    Sara's City

  12. Thank you so much Susanna! Your comments always make me smile <33

  13. Thank you! <33

  14. Thanks! 🙂

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