Valentines Day Look

American Apparel white off shoulder crop top / Red Light Clothing Exchange pink velvet skirt / Dollskill YRU x Nikki Lipstick pink platform sandals

In the past, I have dreaded Valentines Day because I have always been single during that time. This year, I’m actually excited for once because I am in a relationship. I plan on going all out this Valentines Day and wearing these crazy platforms from Dollskill. I feel like they are perfect for Valentine’s Day because of the heart cutout and pink color. I paired it with a pink velvet skirt and white off shoulder crop top for a girly daytime look.

Photo Credit: Joel Gringorten Photography

9 thoughts on “Valentines Day Look

  1. You look like a doll! And your platforms are so rad!! Hope you have a great Valentine’s 💖

    • Aw thank you so much Krissia! Hope you have a great Valentine’s too <3

  2. This look is so adorable! Enjoy your Valentine’s day xx

    • Thanks Maria! You too <3

  3. OMFG this outfit is much more than perfect!! You look soooo cute and I just loved how you’ve put together an outfit with a valentines day vibe <3
    Loveeed the photos too!!

    • Thank you so much Lu! Glad you liked it <3

  4. Your shoes are so nice and original

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